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Drying film for too short or too long aperiod, or at too high or low a temperature will cause size variations of the material. This can be a significant cause of fit problems with film.

No matter how much you squeegee a film, it will still bring moisture into the drier. If you put a large number of sheets through in quick succession, you can raise the relative humidity of the air inside the drier. This means that you may have to increase the drying temperature to maintain film size. Processing single sheets will require a lower drier temperature than when processing many sheets in quick succession

This may be important If you are producing work to very fine tolerances. Because of this potential problem, never overload the processor's drier beyond the limit at which it can disperse excess moisture.


Most companies processing large amounts of film install some form of silver recovery This allows the recovered silver to be sold to specialist companies and in some cases, the fixer to be reused. If silver is recovered with an electrolytic process, do not reuse the fixer without adding an equal amount of fresh solution.

If the system utilises wire wool type pads to attract the silver, never use the remaining solution because the wire wool will have deposited iron into it during the process.

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